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Podcast Skillets Up for Bid

Posted by Rick Mansfield

If you caught our first video podcast a few weeks back, you’ll remember that we used three different skillets to demonstrate seasoning, repairing, and cleaning cast iron.

Two of these skillets can be yours if you’d like to bid on them on eBay.

One is the 10 1/4” skillet I used to demonstrate seasoning bare cast iron. It has never been used, and is a real find in my opinion because I prefer seasoning skillets myself over pre-seasoning.

The other is a Lodge pre-seasoned factory second 10 1/4” skillet that I used for demonstrating how to fill in minor pits in a skillet’s cooking surface. The pit is almost completely filled in and will disappear with a few more uses. This skillet has only been used twice to cook cornbread and bacon in the podcast.

Both of these are very nice skillets and I’d be proud to keep and use either one if it were not for the fact that I already have two skillets of this size and just don’t need two more.

The advantage for you as a potential buyer comes from knowing the seller and history of these skillets. Often you just have to hope for the best when purchasing on eBay, but not this time.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.