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Cast Iron Around the Web: July 15, 2008

Almost an entire week has past since our last Cast Iron Update, so there’s LOTS of content below for all of you black iron aficianodos!

Ovet the last few days, the Lodge Manufacturing website has received a total makeover. The new site has a modern look and the menus are quite intuitive.

On the front page of the Lodge website, there is notice that the Lodge Signature Series Skillet has won Houseware’s 2008 “Gold” Design Award. If you’re unfamiliar with Lodge’s Signature series, these are very modern-looking cast iron pans accented with stainless steel. When I toured the Lodge factory in April, I saw a machine that was specifically designed to test handle strength. It raised and lowered pans tens of thousands of times--probably more times than the average cook would lift the pan in a lifetime. Congratulations to the fine folks in South Pittsburg for winning this award.

Lodge’s Signature Series is a bit more expensive than their other cast iron offerings, however they are can be found for lower prices at’s Lodge Store.

Cooking with Cast Iron Pots” [Subtitle: “Heavy Metal Cookware: Great for Cooking Indoors and Out”]. Martha Gore writes a great article about the benefits of cast iron for the modern kitchen.

Seasoning Your Cast Iron Cookware.” From the Home Ec 101 website, Ivy offers instructions on seasoning cast iron pans.

Cooking with Cast Iron.” Justin Owings writes about his experiences with cast iron cooking and its benefits.

Seasoning Cast Iron.” Carolyn explains the basics of seasoning cast iron cookware.

Smoke Enders.” Grill pan making too much smoke in the kitchen? Here’s a solution.

How to Season a Wok.” TV chef Ching-He Huang hits the gas and demonstrates essential tips on cooking with a wok. Although the video demonstrates seasoning a stainless steel wok, the article also refers to traditional cast iron wok.

Must Haves for Any At-Home Kitchen-Companion.” Cast iron makes this list--but of course!

Test Kitchen.” How to take care of your pots and pans of all varieties, including cast iron.

Turn Campfire Chow Time Into Cuisine Over Coals.” Includes a number of great looking recipes.

Summertime Cooking.” It’s summer--why cook inside when you can take the dutch ovens outdoors?

Rules to Cook By in the Great Outdoors.” The first rule, in this article by Leslie Cole is to pack a few great pans, and she recommends a cast iron skillet and a dutch oven.

10 Tips on How to Green Your Kitchen.” Another reason why cast iron is better than teflon!

My First Attempt At No Knead Bread.” Rachel received two cast iron skillets and a dutch oven for her birthday. She continued the celebration by baking No Knead Bread.

Hockey Bag Stew.” It tasted much better than it smelled!

John Stolpe ‘Stretched.’” John has come a long way in his cooking skills since he left home. He proved it while on vacation in Wisconsin serving up quite the selection of food using newly found dutch oven skills. Great pictures, too.

Dutch Oven Enrichment.” Lynne learns how to season and cook in a dutch oven. Check out the great picture of the ovens stacked four high with coals.

The Fourth and Girls’ Camp ‘08.” Quote: “I needed to have my dad spend the afternoon teaching me how to do dutch oven [cooking] since I had never before used one, and would be feeding the girls at camp in, um, four days. Can we say procrastination?”

A new hobby - Dutch Oven Cooking and a table too!” The “Fly Fishin’ Christian” tries out a new hobby: dutch oven cooking. Great pictures, too.

Do I Really Need a Dutch Oven?” Over at, one person asks whether a dutch oven is necessary (of course we would say YES).

Anyone tried Mercola's enamel cast iron cookware?” Another query from

Food Sticking to Cast Iron.” No matter what Debbie does, food sticks in her cast iron. Can you help her?

Polly Want Some Cornbread?” Kara Zuaro reviews Crescent Dragonwagon’s book The Cornbread Gospels.

Dutch Oven Cooking Competition at the Davis County Fair (Utah). Fair begins August 13.

Family Fun Day/Dutch Oven Class. Saturday, July 26. Sportman’s Warehouse in Burlington, Washington.

McAlpine wins the first Homesteader Day Dutch Oven cooking contest.” “Tuna McAlpine, who claimed first place in the main dish category with his Creole Chicken, also received the People's Choice award after the taste test was complete. McAlpine also entered a brownie dish in the dessert category.”

Cee Dub’s Dutch Oven Cooking.” Watch and taste the food as Cee Dub himself works his magic with his Dutch ovens preparing such dishes as Crab Rockefeller, Peach Apricot Cobbler and many other favorites! Sportsman’s Warehouse, Saturday, August 2, 10 AM to 4 PM.

Dutch oven cookoff features homegrown produce and fun.” (McAlester, Oklahoma) “The Pittsburg County OSU Extension Service Dutch oven cookoff was a hit with those in attendance at the Farmers Market in downtown McAlester Thursday evening. The cookoff featured three, two-person teams of amateur cooks who whipped up a few dishes even Bob Flay could be proud of.” See accompanying video.

Fall Classic.” A dutch oven cooking contest will be part of the festivities August 8-24 in Independence, Missouri.

Dutch Oven Basics.” Sportsman’s Warehouse, Saturday October 11, Spokane, Washington.

“Cornbread, ‘a Southern Treasure’ *Contest*.” Leigh is giving away treasures she received at the National Cornbread Festival to the individual who describes the most interesting festival he or she has attended.

Tuna Meet Cast Iron” (photo)

Son who found body expected to testify in DeKleine murder trial.” I had to include this. Can you believe he would try to blame his injuries on a dutch oven?! Maybe we could expand the list of weapons in the Clue board game: “I believe that Col. Mustard did it with a dutch oven in the billiards room.”

Feeling the Pinch.” Shirley Goode misses her dutch oven.

What’s In Your Emergency Kit, Part 3?” Blogger “Nuke” reproduces a list of the first 100 things people run short of during a national emergency. Want to guess what #50 is? As I always say, “In the event of the Apocalypse, you can still cook in cast iron!”

Almost No Knead Bread (dutch oven)

Barbeque Beer Ribs (dutch oven)

Bison Burgers (cast iron skillet)

Black Bean Chili (dutch oven)

Boston Baked Beans (dutch oven)

Chicken Durango (dutch oven)

Chicken Under a Brick (cast iron skillet)

Chicken with Forty Cloves of Garlic (dutch oven)

Corn Tortillas (cast iron griddle and cast iron skillet)

Deep Dish Pizza (cast iron skillet--scroll down halfway to find this version)

Dutch Babies with Vanilla Apricot Sauce (cast iron skillet; great pictures)

Dutch Oven Enchiladas

Dutch Oven Meatloaf Stuffed Onions

Dutch Oven Rye Bread

Fried Apples (cast iron skillet)

Fruit Cinnamon Crumb Cake (dutch oven)

Garlic Studded Pot Roast (dutch oven--scroll down to second half of page)

Gold Medal Sizzling Fajitas (fajita/sizzle skillet)

Goulash (dutch oven)

Gram Gram’s BBQwiches (dutch oven)

Greek Style Braised Greens (dutch oven)

Jambalaya (dutch oven)

Joe’s Jambalaya (dutch oven--scroll down to second half of page)

Mom’s Pan Fried Okra (cast iron skillet)

Moroccan Spiced Chicken with Saffron Couscous (dutch oven)

Peruvian Style Fried Rice (skillet or dutch oven)

Pressed Sandwiches (used a dutch oven as a press!)

Primo Peach Salsa a la Silence (dutch oven; scroll down)

Slow Cooker Beef Tacos (prepared in dutch oven before moving to a slow cooker)

Summer Sandwiches (Martha Stewart suggests that a cast iron pan can substitute as a panini press; also here and here)

Triple Berry Cream Cheese Pie (dutch oven)

Turkey Mushroom Soup (dutch oven--last recipe on webpage)

Veal Osso Bucco (dutch oven)